Finding time for blogging is not as easy as you might think

Wow. It’s been a while since I started this blog and contrary to the statement in my earlier post, it didn’t go that well. Not at all. I managed to produce exactly zero posts over the months. Not because I had nothing to write about, it just happened to drop to the bottom of my priority list. I have changed this and as a result, will write a new post every week from now on.

How come? – you might ask. Firstly, I realised that having a blog is great, except if it has only one post from months ago, titled “Hello World!”. It is probably better to have nothing than a  neglected blog.

I also started to pay more attention to my LinkedIn profile, and recently realised that it’s not used by only recruiters, but possible future clients could just as easily find me there and click on my Blog link. A maintained blog might worth more than a dozen recommendation.

Always intended to write that first real post. You know, the one with great content, going deeply into the subject and explaining exactly why, what and how. And as with everything else, I wanted to be well prepared for the task. So I went out to learn from the best and subscribed to each and every blog I found even slightly interesting. Reading a lot definitely helps to become a better writer. However I come to realise that the best way to master it is to actually sit down and start doing it. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, even if that means shorter posts.

I don’t fear that my first few posts won’t be perfect. I know they won’t. Maybe they’ll never be as good as I would want them to be, but Hey! Without trying, I’ll never know.


Hello world!

At last! Finally I created a blog. My blog. How exciting!

The master plan is this:

  • Write up useful posts about things and such. Mostly related to software development as such
  • Keep a sort of repository of my greatest adventures, brilliant solutions for tricky problems with code snippets and everything so anyone can use it as a reference for later reuse
  • Let the world know what I’m working on. The sometimes shocking but always edifying truth you must know

So far all is going well.

I hope you will find many useful posts here. If not, that’s not my fault. In any case, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.