Sublime Text is simply the best editor in the world. No doubt about that. It took me some time to realise this fact but eventually it happened. Being a .NET developer means you are working almost exclusively in Visual Studio. This is a decent IDE with tons of features. Features that I hardly ever used […]

I was recently asked about what online training sources do I use or would I recommend. Online training is getting very popular recently. It is convenient, affordable and usually high quality, up-to-date content is provided in a wide range of topics. As I have been doing .NET for the last decade or so, and web […]

I’ve been playing with the thought of making code kata exercises a daily routine for a while. It never really happened until I read Peter Provost’s inspiring post. If there were only one post you could read about TDD and Code Katas, that post would be it. After reading the post I took the plunge […]

Wow. It’s been a while since I started this blog and contrary to the statement in my earlier post, it didn’t go that well. Not at all. I managed to produce exactly zero posts over the months. Not because I had nothing to write about, it just happened to drop to the bottom of my priority list. I […]

At last! Finally I created a blog. My blog. How exciting! The master plan is this: Write up useful posts about things and such. Mostly related to software development as such Keep a sort of repository of my greatest adventures, brilliant solutions for tricky problems with code snippets and everything so anyone can use it […]


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